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Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands with a population of over 200,000. The Expat Tilburg website contains quick links to information sources and service providers to help you make the most of your stay.

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The website Expat Tilburg aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Enschede

Located in the province of Noord Brabant, Tilburg is the 6th largest city in the Netherlands.

Tilburg’s population of 206,000, includes the 13,000 students enrolled at Tilburg University (TiU). Almost a quarter of the population originate from non-Dutch descent, including 8% of the student population at TiU. The expat population of Tilburg is small and mainly connected to the university.

Brief History

Tilburg first appears in historical documents in 709 when it was believed to be a small hamlet built around a wooden castle. By the 15th century this original castle was replaced with a stone castle, with the surrounding area controlled by a series of lords who demanded income from the local villagers. In 1809 Tilburg, with a population of 9000, was granted city rights.

The dominant industry in the area from about the 17th century until its collapse in the 1960s was wool and textiles. Remnant of the wool industry, people living in Tilburg were referred to as Kruikezeikers alluding to the necessity for employees to supply a daily bottle of urine needed to process the wool.

Currently, the main economic motors in Tilburg are the transport and logistics sectors.

What to do

Tilburg has three museums of note: De Pont (modern art), Natuurmuseum Brabant, and Textielmuseum. It also has two concert halls and three cinemas.

Close to Tilburg is the Efteling, the largest themepark in the Benelux – popular with both locals and tourists.

The Netherlands only Trappist brewery, Koningshoeven, located in Tilburg makes La Trappe beers worthy of the neighbouring Belgian breweries. Now made in Eindhoven, Schrobbelers is a bitter liqueur originating from Tilburg, and popular with the locals, especially during Carnivale.

City of Festivals

Not known for its fine dining experiences or exclusive shopping streets, Tilburg is more focused on festivals and all that goes with large scale good times.

Held over ten days in July, Carnivale and its temporary amusement park, draws people to enjoy the city. Enticing a slightly different audience, is Incubate with its week long program of alternative art, music, theatre and film. Fans of heavy metal, psycheldelic rock and avantgarde doomrock are spoilt with two seperate 3-day festivals: Roadburn (April) and Neurotic Deathfest (May). For the more mild-hearted, Festival Mundial – showcases world music in June.

Expat Tilburg

Three train stations – Tilburg, Tilburg Universiteit, Tilburg Reeshof, connect Tilburg to the rest of the country. Bus services provide an easy connection to the local villages.

Tilburg International Primary School opened in 2013. It is a part of the International School Eindhoven community (primary and secondary levels).

Information about moving to, and, living in Tilburg is available from Expat Center South; Talent Square (www.talentsquaretilburg.com), and the Tilburg International Club.

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